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About Analisa Massage

Analisa massage is a unique spa located in Bangkok. We care about your health and wellbeing, using traditional Thai massage techniques to implement your comfort, your personal beauty care and help eliminate problems caused by stress, and certain habits that cause us pain in our body.

Our masseuses are beautiful, professional and highly qualified and titled. Our focus is to give the best service to our customers, always in a relaxed and peaceful environment, where you can disconnect any time,

Analisa massage facilities are prepared for each type of massage we provide. For the main thing it is to start creating an ambient where our guests feel at home.

We offer outcall services to all customers who do not have the time they wanted to relax and be pampered. Thus also we send our beautiful masseurs to your home or to your hotel. You can enjoy our services from the comfort of your home, so do not worry about anything.


Why choose Analisa Massage?

Because when it comes to sex health and wellness, it is important to choose services hand true professionals who love their work and who care about giving you a unique service.

You can find several massages in Bangkok, but none so committed to their customers as Analisa massage.

The personal treatment, the quality of our work and our facilities are maintained to detail. We want the best for you, and we are so confident of our work, we know that once you've proven we will be your trusted massage salon.

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