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Become a VIP member

Prostate massage

What benefits do I get for being exclusive member?

Your privacy is guaranteed as well as our discretion, we keep your identity safe so do not worry about anything


Just being exclusive VIP member you will enjoy benefits such as:

VIP member price 1,500 Baht ONLY

- Discount in all our massages... accessible to members only for 1 year

- Personal preference in reservations services.

- Exclusive promotions.

- Walk in apply VIP member  acceptable.

All this is just the beginning .... Would you like to be a member?

Register and become a member now, do not hesitate and start enjoying the paradise, because you deserve it ...

How i can be a member?

To become a member is very simple, you can request your card and membership number in our establishment, or you can complement the online steps.


Register on our website as a member, you can receive our Newslater with exclusive offers only for VIP


Fill out the form on the left to become a Analisa Massage VIP Member


Pick up your VIP membership card in our establishment. Remember that you can also register directly as a member in our premises, just ask at the reception.

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